About Us

Evelyn’s Delicacies provides great natural foods to more than 50 municipalities around our area. We first started marketing products to school canteens, snack houses, pasalubong corners, and eateries. We have been passionate in this industry for more than three years and are constantly expanding our market to farther areas. Evelyn’s Delicacies registered to the Department of Trade and Industry since the start of its business operation back on early 2014. We qualified and joined the BAHANDI Trade Fair on October 4-8, 2017. Evelyn’s Delicacies is also a  beneficiary to the Department of Science and Technology’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) since August 2018.

To this day, Evelyn’s Delicacies continues to provide great natural foods with dedication and passion. We are expressive of our warmth to you through our products that will give you a great sensorial taste for you and your loved one’s satisfaction to enliven your social optimism for your great day ahead.

We make our products with great detail in safety and satisfaction. Great efforts are made in securing the best natural ingredients and observing cleanliness in processing. We make variants of great natural food accessible for people to promote good health and well-being.

We dare you to experience the passion of taste through our delicious food products. Look and feel the mouth-watering sensation brought by real food goodness. Imagine the satisfaction brought to you by real and natural good food. Surrender to your cravings and desire of real natural food and let your body benefit of nutrition duly granted by real natural food. Give in to the pleasurable sensation and satisfaction of your body and enjoy our real natural food products.

Imagine real good food. Feel the reminiscence of those days when most foods are made with real organic goodness. Remember that greatness. Remember us.

What We're Offering

Healthy Snacks

Many people crave healthy snacks. This is absoulutely helpful for the body.

Free Healthy Food Tips

We provide free healthy food tips to anyone that are interested. Absolutely free.

Our Team

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